Top 100 Ordinary Levels Schools Ranking For 2024

Top 100 A-Level Schools For 2017

Statistics for the 2023 ‘O' Level ZIMSEC Examination

In the November 2023 ZIMSEC O Level exams, 270,129 students participated, marking a decrease from the 278,760 candidates in 2022.

The national overall pass rate for 2023 was 29.41%, reflecting an improvement from the 28.96% pass rate of the previous year. Notably, female candidates outperformed their male counterparts by a margin of 2,809 candidates.

List of the top 100 ‘O' Level Schools By Pass Rate for 2023

Section 1: Positions 1-10

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
1Pamushana Secondary School100%150
2John Tallach High School100%78
3Marist Brothers Secondary98%184
4Zimbabwe Republic Police Borrowdale97.5%142
5Anderson Secondary School97%99
6St Faith's Secondary School96%143
7Monte Cassino Secondary School95.8%101
8Regina Mundi Secondary School95.5%94
9St Ignatius College94%105
10Kriste Mambo Secondary School93.9%146

Section 2: Positions 11-20

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
11St Augustine's Penhalonga93.5%137
12St Dominics Chishawasha School92%99
13Moleli High School91.8%142
14St Davids Bonda Secondary89.5%183
15Nyazura Adventist School88%156
16Sandrigham Secondary87.7%147
17Bernard Mizeki College87.5%135
18Sandringham Secondary87%101
19Goromonzi High School86.8%163
20Bradley Secondary School86.5%121

Section 3: Positions 21-30

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
21St Francis Xavier’s Kutama86.1%159
22St Francis of Assisi High85.7%147
23Chikwingwizha Secondary School85.7%128
24St Antony's High School85.5%140
25Ruya Adventist Secondary85%136
26Serima Secondary84.9%130
27Hama Secondary School84.7%110
28Mazowe High School84.6%144
29St Dominic’s High School84.6%99
30Howard High School84.4%138

Section 4: Positions 31-40

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
31Marange High School83%153
32Nyadire Secondary School82.9%123
33Marondera High School82.8%142
34St Mary’s Secondary School82.4%121
35Roosevelt Girls High81.9%98
36St Columba’s High School81.7%146
37Shungu High School81%139
38Alpha College80.9%83
39Gokomere High School80.8%133
40Hartzell High School80.6%126

Section 5: Positions 41-50

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
41Sanyati Baptist Secondary80.3%141
42Waddilove High School80%125
43St Anne's Gotto Secondary79.9%147
44Lundi Seconday School79.8%146
45Rusununguko High School79.7%136
46Daramombe Secondary79.4%152
47Mandedza High School79.1%132
48Mukaro High School78%122
49Nyahuni (Makunde) Secondary77.7%109
50Zimuto Secondary School77.3%130

Section 6: Positions 51-60

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
51Chibi High School77.1%98
52Nhowe Secondary School77%89
53Hanke Adventist Secondary76.9%129
54St Patrick's Secondary School76.9%107
55Dadaya Secondary School76.6%142
56St Albert's Secondary76.5%119
57Makumbe High School75.8%137
58Hanke Adventist Secondary75.4%111
59Mutendi High School75.1%100
60Nyashanu Secondary74.4%102

Section 7: Positions 61-70

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
61St Peters (Mbare) Secondary74.2%137
62Nyashanu Secondary73.9%149
63St Paul's Musami73.5%106
64St Johns Secondary School73.4%127
65All Souls High School73.3%112
66Emmanuel Secondary School73.1%130
67Usher Secondary School72.8%99
68Murewa High School72.65%101
69Green Gables High72.4%87
70Presbyterian Secondary School72.2%131

Section 8: Positions 71-80

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
71Minda Secondary School71.3%108
72Silveira Secondary School71%120
73Jameson High School71%136
74St Killian's Secondary School70.9%129
75Ngezi Secondary School70.8%127
76Nagle House70.5%108
77Queen Elizabeth School70.1%102
78St Benedict's Secondary70%139
79Holy Cross Secondary School69.8%96
80Adventist Secondary School69.8%109

Section 9: Positions 81-90

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
81Msengezi High School69.5%146
82Msthabezi Secondary School69.1%137
83St Michael's High School68.6%130
84Mt Selinda High School68.4%153
85St Joseph's Secondary School68.3%104
86Makumbi High School67%98
87Kwenda Secondary School66.9%86
88Pakame Secondary School66.75%93
89Loreto Secondary School66.7%143
90Thekwane High School65.5%108

Section 10: Positions 91-100

PositionSchool NamePass RateCandidature
91Chindunduma 2 Secondary65.1%119
92Lydia Chimonyo Secondary School64.8%135
93Mashoko Secondary School64%91
94St Mathias' Tsonzo Secondary63.5%139
95St John's High School62%101
96Chemhanza Secondary School61%120
97Inyathi Secondary School60%95
98Mucheke 2 Ndarama School59.9%142
99Chinhoyi High School58.7%157
100St Philips Secondary57%91

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