Kwenda Mission

Kwenda Mission High School is a day boarding school founded in 1892. It is one of the top Methodist high schools in Zimbabwe. The affordable boarding school is located in Chikomba in Mash East.

Kwenda High is a mixed school.

Kwenda Mission Pass Rate

The school produces some good results. In the 2019 A-Level exams the school had some of its students attaining the following results;

One student with 20 points
One student with 18 points
One student with 17 points
 5 students with 15 points.
The school made headlines when its History teacher had 130 students getting A’s in the June 2018 O-Level Zimsec exams. Other pass rates attained by the school in the past are:

The school was placed 74/100 best A-Level schools in 2017.

Kwenda Mission Contact Details

Kwenda High School,
P. Bag 2001 Sadza.
Tel: (09) 420420
Cell: 0772 974 633


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