Mukaro High School

Mukaro High School

Mukaro High School is a girl's boarding high school in Gutu, Masvingo Province. It is part of a cluster of Catholic Mission schools at Mukaro Mission.

The school was founded in 1945 and it is owned by the Roman Catholic church.

Under the Masvingo Diocese, Mukaro presently consists of the Mukaro High School (a girls boarding school); Mukaro Primary School; St. Kizito Minor Seminary; a Sister’s convent operated by the Sisters of the Holy Cross; a “Fathers’ House” for priests; church and the Mukaro clinic.

Mukaro High School Fees

The current 2023 school fees for Mukaro high school are:

Boarding Fees: US$350
Uniforms: US$338
Admin Fees:US$50
Total:US$738Mukaro High School Fees

Mukaro High School Application

The application to the college is done online via the government's eMap system. There are no downloadable forms needed to apply to the school.

Mukaro High School Uniforms

Mukaro High School Uniforms


Mukaro High School Contact Details

Tel: +263 30 2709
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