Presbyterian Secondary School

Presbyterian Secondary School is located in Mhondoro, Chegutu district in Mash West. It is owned by the Presbyterian church and it is a boarding school.

The students have study sessions in the morning and the evenings.

The school has high standards and for the 2024 form 1 intake they took students with 6-9 units.

Presbyterian Secondary School Fees

Fees are pegged at $565 per term. When starting Form 1 the total fees come up to $1060

Presbyterian Secondary School Diet

At Presbyterian High School, the weekly menu offers a variety of staple dishes to cater to students' tastes and nutritional needs.

On Monday, the day starts with a classic serving of rice and beans. Tuesday features a hearty meal of sadza accompanied by flavorful beef. Midweek, on Wednesday, students enjoy rice paired with sausages.

Thursday brings another serving of sadza and beef, ensuring a robust and satisfying meal. As the week winds down, Friday's menu reintroduces rice and beans.

Saturday continues with the popular sadza and beef combination, while Sunday concludes the week on a high note with rice and chicken. This balanced rotation ensures that students receive a mix of proteins and carbohydrates, supporting their energy needs throughout the week.

They eat mealie meal porridge every day around 6 am and each child brings their own peanut butter. Breakfast is tea with bread and each child brings their spread. They get eggs three times a week.

Students are not allowed to bring tinned foods and noodles as part of their tuck

Presbyterian High School Contact Details

Address: Madzongwe Village, 
PO Box 150,
Mubaira, Chegutu.

Telephone: +263 712 910 484

Another Presbyterian school is Jonh Tallach High School.

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