Chikwingwizha Secondary School

Chikwingwizha Secondary School

Chikwingwizha Secondary School

Chikwingwizha Secondary is a Roman Catholic-owned school in Shurungwi in the Midlands province. The school, which opened in 1963, strictly caters for Roman Catholic boys only.

Chikwingwizha has an average of 40 pupils per class and it has been producing outstanding performances in the Zimsec O-Level examinations. A-Levels are not offered at the institution.

The school offers monthly rewards to pupils who excel in academics. The institution has seven highly qualified teachers, some of whom have been named as the best in Shurugwi District.

Chikwingwizha Secondary School Pass Rate

Being an unknown rural school, Chikwingwizha has somehow retained its name on the yearly list of the country’s top-performing O-Level schools.

In the 2013 and 2014 examinations, Chikwingwizha was rated as the 16th best school in the country with an 88,1% pass rate.

In 2015 the school dropped to 21st position with an 88.57% pass rate. An 88.1% pass rate saw the school ranking 18 out of 100 best O-Level schools in Zimbabwe in 2019.

Chikwingwizha Secondary Contact Details

Tel: 0783 795 863


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