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Pamushana High School History & Background

Pamushana High SchoolPamushana High School is a mission boarding school run by the Dutch Reformed Church. The mixed school is located 80 kilometres from Masvingo along the Masvingo-Mutare highway just before Nyika growth point.

Pamushana High School is an institution of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) established in 1901. It, therefore, subscribes to the Reformed Church Christian faith, beliefs and doctrine.

As a Mission boarding school, the school endeavours to produce a complete, whole child who should be a pride of the Zimbabwean society. Such a child should be moulded intellectually, physically and morally under a strong Christian background and environment. Such students should have unhu: great respect for self, others, work, the environment and all God’s creation.

Whilst school employees are available to assist students with the cleaning of their hostels, classrooms and the general school campus, the school culture is that students themselves
must clean these facilities first and be moulded to be responsible citizens who respect the dignity of labour. So all students do general work at this institution, save for those with
medical conditions that incapacitate them in which case a doctor’s letter should be produced to that effect and the school needs it for filing.

 The school does not believe in doing anything sub-standard and bought a luxury Scania bus in 2016 for students to travel in.

Pamushana High School Pass Rate

The school is truly a beacon in education and its name is synonymous with high pass rates year in, year out. The school is one of the top 10 high schools in Zimbabwe

Below are some of the outstanding pass rates attained at Pamushana high in recent years.

  • Pamushana High attained a 97,86% pass rate in the November 2019 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) A-Level results.

79 students got 15 points and above whilst 118 out of 140 students got 10 points and above

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  • The school produced 71 students who scored the highest required 15 points and above according to the 2018 November A’Level examination. The best student attained 29 points for the six subjects he sat for.

Of the 71, eight attained 25 points and above, 13 got between 20 and 24 while 50 scored between 15 and 19 points.


  • Pamushana scored a whopping 100 per cent and 94.74 per cent pass rate for ‘A' and ‘O' Level respectively in the November 2015 examinations, with 36 pupils recording 15 points and above, while 98 candidates scored 5As and above.

That year the  O' Level results were outstanding. The school had 201 As in Integrated Science out of 209 candidates, 181 As in Geography out of 209 and 109 As in Shona out of 193 candidates.

In 2013 the school attained a 78.46% pass rate at O-Level whilst a 98.95% was realised in the 2014 A-Level exams. In 2017 the school was ranked 33 out of 100 in the A-Level exams.

The school creates a conducive environment to help pupils thrive. 

Pamushana High School Library
State of the art library at Pamushana High Built in 2018

Pamushana also boasts a state-of-the-art E-Learning centre which is equipped with computers and internet connectivity. They also have an E-learning centre for junior classes equipped with 60 computers.

Pamushana High School Enrollment & Entry Requirements

The schools' enrolment is around 1 200 with a staff complement of 38 qualified teachers and 6 student-teachers. To enrol for form one at the school you need to use the Government's eMap system.

“Pamushana has a culture that strives to create a balance between academics, discipline and sport.

After successfully applying to Pamushana High school  for form 1, the child must bring these requirements:

  • proof of payment of fees to the school on opening day
  • Other requirements
    ➢ Original grade 7 slip
    ➢ Photocopy of birth certificate
    ➢ A bucket
    ➢ Nightwear
    ➢ A mathematical set
    ➢ A pocket dictionary ( English)
    ➢ 15 hardcover counter books
    ➢ 24 writing exercise books
    ➢ Enough writing materials
    ➢ Plastic and khakhi covers
    ➢ 1 pair black laced shoes
    ➢ Bedspread (maroon)
    ➢ 1 pair sheets and pillowcase
    ➢ 4 pairs of white school socks (medium and long) girls.
    ➢ Long grey school socks 2 pairs (boys).


Pamushana High School A Powerhouse In Sport

The school has a legacy not only in academics but in sport as well. Pamushana high has been dominating schools sports in the country, particularly in netball where they won the Tanganda Tea trophy for four consecutive years.

They were also the 2018 Copa Cola boys champions. pamushana high school soccer team

Pamushana were the 2018 Copa Coca Cola Boys Champions

The Pamushana quiz team also came out second in Sadc in a competition held in Tanzania in 2018.

Outside of sport, the school drama club scooped the Best Newcomer award in 2015 at the National One Act Festival in Harare after staging an enthralling drama. The school also made history as being the first school to be nominated for the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

Pamushana High School Motto

Unknown. If you know it please share it using the comment box below and we will update it here.

Pamushana High School Fees

the current 2023 school fees requirements at Pamushana High School are:

: SCHOOL FEES $400-00


: SCHOOL FEES $160-00

NB: Fees must be paid in full for a student to be registered.

Pamushana High School Uniform

Pamushana high school rebranded in 2017 and moved away from the traditional blue uniform to a new one, one of a kind – scorched purple and charcoal grey skirts, charcoal grey trousers, white shirts, red blazers, red jerseys and ties. 

The new uniform was adopted to give Pamushana high school a world-class image befitting a school of its calibre. The uniform samples were brought in by Mr Johnson Madhuku who was the head of the school for 23 years before leaving the school last September after he was voted Bikita East MP.

Mr Madhuku brought the samples of the new uniform from Australia last year and they were then modified a bit.

Pamushana High School Uniform
Pamushana High School Uniform

Leadership At Pamushana High

The school head is Mr Raymond Ndega

Sports Director, John Tumbare

Pamushana High School Contact Details

Phone Number: 08688002755
Cell: +263
712 883 199 / +263 773 238 228 / +263 784 351 859
Pamushana High School Ecocash biller code 13177.

See Pamushana High On Google Maps here.
Pamushana High Postal Address
P. Bag 514
Email address: none known at the moment (if you know if please put it in the comments below)
Website: unknown or none

Pamushana High School school bus

You can download the Pamushana High school offer letter below
Pamushana form 1 2023 offer letter


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