Kriste Mambo Secondary School

Kriste Mambo Secondary School

Kriste Mambo Secondary School

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Kriste Mambo Secondary School was established in 1964 by the Roman Catholic church as a girls’ only school. The school has an enrolment of around 600 pupils as day and boarding students.

kriste mambo secondary school

Kriste Mambo has exceeded expectations in addressing needs of the ‘whole girl’ through comprehensive, well-rounded education and environment that inspires, challenges, encourages and supports them to attain their full potential and amazing young women. The girls are provided nutritious meals; spiritual, social, mental and emotional mentorship; have access to a multiplicity of ICT and research tools and live in a hygienic and supportive learning environment which guarantees their accomplishment. Kriste Mambo offers a rich curriculum of sciences, commercials, arts and VOC-Tech subjects. It has 12 classrooms, six specialist rooms for VOC-Tech subjects like Fashion and Fabrics, Food and Nutrition, Computers, Library, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Kriste Mambo is a torch-bearer when it comes to local examinations. It has produced high pass rates over the past 10 years, never scoring below 90 per cent at ‘O’ level and 98 per cent at ‘A’ level. Below are some of the pass rates the school has attained over the years:

Given such impressive results, Kriste Mambo Secondary can be counted among the best schools in Zimbabwe from 2010-2024.

Form one students in 2024 are expected to pay approximately US$1500 and this includes fees and uniforms. The school's website lists the following as the current school fees; Ordinary Level Form 1 – 4

  • School Fees – $550
  • Uniforms – $300
  • Desk Fees – $100

Advanced Level

  • School Fees – $520 (Excluding uniforms)

All students will be accepted in the hostel on the production of fees receipts. All outstanding balances must be cleared. At least 75% of the term’s fees must be paid before a pupil return to school.

Kriste Mambo Secondary School Uniform

Form 1-4.
Form 5-6

Fill in the Kriste Mambo online application forms for form one places 2021 here. After the publication of the Grade 7 results, you should also register on the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. No applications are accepted directly at the school for the 2021 intake.

Form 1 Entry Requirements

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  • 6 Units ZIMSEC results.
  • Birth Certificate (Original and Certified Copy).
  • Baptism Certificate (Original and Certified Copy).
  • ZIMSEC Grade 7 Results Slip (Original and Certified Copy).
  • Schools Fees (Paid in Full).
  • Recommendation Letter (Optional).
  • Kriste Mambo Junior School Uniform (Full).
  • Form 5 Entry Requirements

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    • At Least 6 A’s O’level Passes ZIMSEC or Cambridge (Including Mathematics and English).
    • Birth Certificate (Original and Certified Copy).
    • Baptism Certificate (Original and Certified Copy).
    • O’ level Results Slip (Original and Certified Copy).
    • Schools Fees (Paid in Full).
    • Recommendation Letter (Optional).
    • Kriste Mambo Senior School Uniform (Full)

    Apart from the academics, the school also offers some extra-curricular activities covering sport, arts and culture. Kriste Mambo, like other elite schools, doesn’t value arts, culture and sports education on the basis that it has social or economic benefits, but because it expands the mind and soul of the girls. The school offers a good co-curricular education inclusive of arts, great literature novels, poetry and short stories, plays, drama, dance, visual arts, music, film and sporting genres like athletics, soccer, tennis, rugby, basket, net, volley and handball, darts, table tennis and chess. It has won accolades at district, provincial and national levels and continues to expose the girl child to the best there is in as many art and sport disciplines as possible given their key role in moral, individual development and deeper commitment to humanist principles.

    Tel:School Manager- 0772 391 112 Head – 0786 410 879 Deputy Head – 0773 063 439 Enquiries – 0771 061 633 
    Email address: [email protected]
    See the school on Google Maps.

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