Top Ten Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe (2024)

Top Ten Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe

This is the list of the top ten boarding schools in Zimbabwe. The pass rate takes into account the number of candidates who would have passed at least 5 subjects with a C or better versus the total number of candidates at that boarding school.

You will notice that this list of the best high schools in ZImbabwe is almost made up exclusively of church-owned mission boarding schools.

What does that say about public boarding schools in Zimbabwe? Which factors do you think contribute to this trend?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Top Ten Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe

1. Jonh Tallach High School 

Topping this list of the best boarding schools in Zimbabwe is Jonh Tallach high school in Matebeleland. The affordable school has simple structures but it continues to produce great results year after year.

Learn more about Jonh Tallach High School.

2. Pamushana High School 

The second on this list is another mission boarding school. Pamushana High school is located in Bikita in Masvingo province. The school has a glittering history of excellence both in academics and sports.

Learn more about Pamushana High School

3. Anderson Adventist High School 

Anderson high school is an Adventist school in Gweru. It produces stellar results in ZImsec results. It's a school moulded on strict Christian values.

Learn more about Anderson High School

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4. Zrp High School 

Zrp high school is the only school that is not run by a church on this list of the top ten boarding schools in Zimbabwe. The school is run by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Zrp High School posted impressive results in its very first O-level examinations and it has never looked back since. 

Learn more about Zrp High School

5. Monte Cassino High School 

The Roman Catholic-owned girls-only school has a long history of producing great results. The school is popular in Zimbabwe due to its academic prowess. It is the fifth-best boarding school in terms of pass rate. 

Learn more about Monte Cassino High School

Boarding schools in ZImbabwe

6.Silveira High School 

Silveira High is a Roma Catholic-run school in Masvingo that continues to attain excellent results with each passing year. It challenges Pamushana High school for honours.

Learn more about Silveria High School

7.Nyanga High School

The boys-only boarding school located in the beautiful Nyanga area is synonymous with outstanding performances both in academics and in sports. It is one of the three Marist schools in Zimbabwe. The others are Kutama College & Marist Dete.  

Learn more about Marist Nyanga High School

8.St Ignatius College High School

The College recently turned into a private school after almost 60 decades of being owned by the Roman Catholic church. The school has a proud history of producing stellar results and that streak is set to continue. 

Learn more about St Ignatius College

9.Nyazura Adventist High School

Nyazura Adventist High School is a mission boarding school run by the East Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The mixed school is located in Makoni District of Manicaland province on the 203 km peg along the Harare-Mutare highway.

Learn more about Nyazura Adventist High School

10.Regina Mundi High School

Closing this list of the top ten boarding schools in Zimbabwe is Regina Mundi High school. The Catholic-run school located in Midlands is the second girls-only school on the list after Monte Cassino. The school is a perennial top achiever and has state of the art facilities. 

Learn more about Regina Mundi School

There you have it. This is the list of the best boarding schools in Zimbabwe for 2020.

Share your thoughts about the Top Ten Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe below.

You can find a list of the requirements that you will need for your child as they start form one as a boarder.

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33 thoughts on “Top Ten Boarding Schools In Zimbabwe (2024)

  1. A.T Taderera says:

    Am looking for A level enrollment at Zrp High School and also the amount of school fees as a boarder

  2. Samuel Makwara says:

    what about St Faith High School in Rusape. It is rated one of 5 star scools in Zimbabwe.

  3. Lucia says:

    Im looking for a place for my son at Pamushana,Nyazura,or Zrp form 1 place,any 1 of of the 3 schools mentioned.

    • Debra says:

      hi, did you manage to get your child enrolled to john talagh?, i also want mine to be enrolled there

  4. shungu nyandoro says:

    I need contact details for chancellor primary school in mutare. Need grade 4 boarding place for my child.

  5. Jane Charehwa Alatalo says:

    I want my nephew for the grade six intake Boarding. What are the school requirements, tuition fees etc. I could not find any contact information about your schools on the Internet. All the schools you have listed do not have relevant contact details.

  6. Jane Backström Alatalo says:

    I need contact details for Pamushana Boarding School. Need grade 5 boarding place for my child.

  7. Rosi Mashayamombe says:

    I need to know more about Pamushana boarding school fees ,uniforms and everything needed for school .My child needs space for form 3 next year.

  8. Musa Nicholas Xaba says:

    Hi I’m not going to Comment but I want to know the fees I’m a South African I want to bring my kid she’s a grade 7 leaner email me thanks

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