Bradley High School

Bradley High School

Bradley High school is a Salvation Army owned mixed boarding school. It is an affordable school located in Mashonaland Central.

Bradley High School Pass Rate

Bradley produces some great results in the national public examinations. The school features quite regularly in the top 100 schools in Zimbabwe. The school was ranked 30 out of 100 best O-Level schools in 2013 with a pass rate of 82.01%.

At A-Level the school posted an impressive 96.55% pass rate in 2015. The school was placed 57 out of 100 best A-Level schools that year only because there were 20 schools that had a 100% pass rate and thus were tied on the first spot.

The school built on this success and attained 87.88 pass rate at O-Level in 2015. 2017 saw the school ranking 85 out of 100 best A-Level schools.

In 2019 the school had an 82.10% pass rate at O-Level.

Bradley High School Zimbabwe Online Application

There are no Bradley High School application forms for form one places 2021. The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. This is usually available after publication of the Grade 7 results.

No applications are accepted directly at the school for the 2021 intake

Bradley High School Zimbabwe Fees

Bradley High is generally an affordable school. In 2012 the school was in the news for increasing its fees from US$432 to US$493. During the time teachers were earning around US$500.

The current 2021 fees for the school are not available and if you know them please let us know in the comments below or you can email

Bradley High Uniform

Bradley High School Contact Details

Tel: 267 6632, +263 772 372 578
Email address:
School type: Mission
Denomination: Salvation Army
Province: Mashonaland Central
Closest town: Bindura
P. Bag 909, Bindura


11 thoughts on “Bradley High School

  1. Richard Machazire says:

    Hie looking for form 1 place for my daughter for next year 2022, your school is very nice

  2. Marusho Nigel says:

    My name is Marusho Nigel. l, m a boy aged 13. l learn at Umvukwes Primary School. l do sports like soccer, rugby and cricket. l am good in Maths , Shona, Agriculture and Social science. For more information contact the cell number below 0772622197.

  3. Abisha Manyika says:

    Well done Bladley High school from my own Province Mashonaland Central for the high pass rates ,am hoping to bring my own child for form 1, 2022.

  4. Jane Mwanza says:

    Hie I’m.looking for form 1 place for my daughter for next year 2022 her name is Anisha Sazunza

  5. Kambuwa Irvine says:

    My name is Kambuwa Irvine .A . l, m a boy aged 13. l learn at Kuwadzana Salvation Army Primary School. l do like and also participate in sports like lawn tennis , handball and basketball. l am good in Maths , English, Agriculture Science and Technology and Social science. For more information contact the cell number below 0778252112 Calls, WhatsApp / 0719252112WhatsApp

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