Regina Mundi High School

Regina Mundi High School

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Regina Mundi High School History & Background

Regina Mundi High school is a Catholic-run girls-only high school located in Midlands. The school has an enrollment of around 750 pupils. The school has good staff accommodation, modern classrooms and breath-taking grounds and a fence.

Regina Mundi High School Pass Rate

The school is a top performer with a history of producing good results at both ‘O” and “A' Level exams. It has perennially featured in the top 100 high schools in Zimbabwe.

Regina Mundi High School attained 93.75% and 93.48% pass rate in the November O-Level exams in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In 2014 the school had a perfect 100% pass rate at A-Level.

In 2017 the school was placed 40 out of 100 A-Level schools in the country.

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The school also came out tops when it notched 98.52% pass rate in the ‘O' Level November 2016 Zimsec results becoming the best in the Midlands Province where  330 secondary schools sat for the 2016 ‘O' Level examinations. Of the 135 candidates who sat for the ‘O' Level exams, only two students failed.

Blessings Ncube From Regina Mundi
Blessings Ncube From Regina Mundi

That same year, 33 students passed 5 or more subjects with a C or better and 63 got more than 5 As' each. 

The school had 14 students with 5As, 14 students with 6As, 13 students with 7As, nine students with 8As, 10 students with 9As and three with 10As.

They did not stop there. In the November 2015 exams, the school scored 98.98% in the A’Level ZIMSEC examinations with 71 students with 10 points or better and 95.8% in the O'Level category with 78 students with 5As and above.

One of the students, Blessings Ncube (pictured), attained 12 A's.


How To Apply To Regina Mundi High School

There are no Regina Mundi Girls High School online application forms for form one places 2021. The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform: this is usually available after publication of the Grade 7 results.

No applications are accepted directly at the school.

For A'Level applications, there isn't information available on how one can apply. If you know this information kindly let us know using the comment box below or email [email protected]

Regina Mundi High School Fees

The current approximate 2023 school fees for Regina Mundi High School Gweru are as follows:

Details Boarding Day Fees & Transport
F1-4 Arts & Commercials US$ 700 $597
F1-4 Sciences US$ 716 $614
F5 & 6 Arts & Commercials US$ 688 $601
F5 & 6 Sciences US$ 765 $646

These fees make Regina Mundi High School Gweru one of the most affordable girls boarding schools in Zimbabwe. Just like Langham girls high.

Regina Mundi High School Gweru Fees

Regina Mundi High School Uniform

Regina Mundi High School Uniforms

Facilities Regina Mundi High School

The Catholic Church prioritizes holistic education as a fundamental human right and it strives to provide basic learning facilities so that all children and most particularly the girl child get equal opportunities to study.

To this end, the school commissioned a state-of-the-art three-storey administration block and library in 2016.

The block comprises offices, a boardroom, a staffroom, kitchenettes, six classrooms and a spacious library with three compartments while it also houses a resource centre and ablution facilities.

We could not get current photos of Regina Mundi Girls' high hostel so that we could report on their state. 

Regina Mundi High School Leadership

The school head is Sr Concilia Jangara.

Regina Mundi High School Contact Details

Phone Number: Tel: +263-54-23560
Email: None or unknown
Address: Fleming Rd, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Regina Mundi girls high school Gweru website is unknown or unavailable. If you search online you will get which is for a school in India
See the school on Google Maps
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  1. Fortune says:

    How much is your 2021 school fees for form one’s and how much will be a full set of uniforms

  2. Oratiloe Makwati says:

    Am looking for a form one place,2021.Have been trying to call,but no luck.Please help me.

  3. bonwell makumbe says:

    My daughter was accepted and now await further instructions/details.Official contact numbers are not going through.Do i need to go to the school premises for enquiry?
    Do you have other communication lines available?

  4. Hilda Musingarimi says:

    Looking for form l place for my girl applied on emap student candidate nu 0327 centre 015560

  5. Agnes Chiza says:

    I’m looking for form 2 place for next year I applied on emap but rejected she have 9 point or u can put her on waiting list even second or third term it’s fine

  6. Kimberley Tabu says:

    Good day …I am looking for a vacant form 2 place this term,next or 3rd term its still okay.She got 6 units in grade 7

  7. Privy says:

    I would like to know when to apply for a form one place for my daughter for next year.She is currently in Grade 7.

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      I would like to know when to apply for a form 1 place for my daughter next year 2022, she’s currently in grade7

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  8. Nomsa Makombe says:

    Looking for a lower six place I had 5a
    3b and 2c
    Do I qualify to attend the school

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  10. Mandinika Muzondo says:

    Hello looking for a place for my daughter for form 3 she is relocating do you have any places. How do i apply.

  11. Diina Amunyela says:

    Looking for a place for my daughter we are from Namibia and was just wandering if she could get a place at your school shes currently grade 11. How can I apply for her. Please help me

  12. Chikweyapatricia says:

    I really like your school although it’s a bit far but is it true it got PRIVATIZED

  13. Candice Ncube says:

    Good day l want to apply for a form 3 place at your school for 2022 what should l do

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    l would like my daughter to be enrolled at your school as a boarder next year 2022. How can l apply?

  15. Mukamuri Clotilda says:

    when can l apply for form one place for 2022 my daughter wishes to be enrolled at your school ? I am finding some challenges e map is not responding.

  16. Dambudzo Kabasa says:

    Beautiful school i don’t mind enrolling my daughter form 1 next year if possible how do i go about it and your requirements please .

  17. Sibongile says:

    My daughter is doing grade 8 in South Africa how do i apply. I want her to learn form 2 in regina mundi.

  18. Mrs Nyoni says:

    When should we start applying for A level 2023 at your school? What are your entry requirements for A level sciences.

  19. OC says:

    Good day. I would like my daughter to be enrolled in your school as a boarder in the year 2024. We are Mozambicans and the girl would start secondary school in the year 2024. I was advised not to enroll her at the end of primary but at the beginning of high school. Can you guide me? Can you please send me the school fees for 2023 as guidance?



  20. Lynn K JEKE says:

    i have applied for an A LEVEL place at your school. have you dine the selection already

  21. Justin Aufi says:

    Please can you clarify what you mean by Arts and Sciences in form 1. I would like her to do part of both , how will that
    affect the fees? If she is going to do; Maths Science, Geography, History, English, Accounts, Commerce, Agriculture

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    I really need to know how much fees is it overall for the 2024 form ones at your school.

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