Hartzell High School

Hartzell High School

Hartzell High is run by the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. The school, which is located near Mutare along Nyanga road, was opened in 1898.

It is a mixed school with a strong academic curriculum reinforced with United Methodist Christian teachings. As a coed boarding school, girls’ dormitories are on the eastern side of the school and boys on the west. The school has well-qualified staff and often receives highly qualified visiting teachers from US’s Methodist Church.

It is an affordable boarding school.

Hartzell High School

Hartzell High School Pass Rate

The school performs well and regularly features in the top 100 schools in Zimbabwe. In the 2019 O-Level exams the school had 79.31% and it was placed 39 out of 100 schools. In 2017 the school was ranked as the 35th best A-Level center.

An 86.63% pass rate in the 2015 O-Level exams saw the school ranking 26 out of 100. In 2013 the school attained a 79.31% pass rate at O-Level.

Hartzell High School Fees

The school is generally an affordable one. In 2012 the school increased its fees from US$380 to US$420. Teachers were earning around US$500 at that time.

The current 2021 school fees for Hartzell high are not available. If you know them please let us know in the comments below or email learn@openclass.co.zw

Hartzell High School Mutare Contact Details

Tel:  +263 20 64 672

56 Dawson Street, Mutare, Zimbabwe


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