The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) denomination has approximately a million members in Zimbabwe and the church runs a lot of primary and high schools in Zimbabwe. This list shows the best top-performing Adventist schools in Zimbabwe so you can choose the one to send your child to.

Learn more about each school including its fees, uniforms, and contact details.

Seventh-Day Adventist High Schools In Zimbabwe

We will start with the best Adventist Secondary Schools including the Adventist boarding schools in Zimbabwe. Click on each school to get more details about that school. The schools are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Anderson Adventist High School 

Anderson Adventist High School is a boarding school located in Gweru. The school has a long history and is one of the top ten boarding schools in Zimbabwe. 

Learn more about Anderson Adventist Secondary school here. Get the school contact details, pass rate, fees and uniforms.

Anderson Mutiweshiri Secondary School

Anderson Mutiweshiri Secondary School is a day school located in the rural areas of Hwedza district in Manicaland. The school contact number is 077 346 8700.

Bulawayo Adventist Secondary School, Bulawayo

Bulawayo Adventist High school is a mixed day school run by the Adventist West Zimbabwe Conference. The school's headmistress is Sikhanyisiwe Tshuma and the deputy head is Israel Ndlovu. 

Learn more about Bulawayo Adventist High school here.

Hanke Mission Secondary School

Hanke Adventist High School a Christian institution par excellence excelling beyond expectation while awaiting the second coming Lord Jesus Christ. The mixed school, launched in 1908, is located in the rural areas of Shurugwi. 

Learn more about Hanke Mission Adventis High school here.

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Lower Gwelo Secondary and High School

Lower Gwelo Adventist High School is a mixed school is located 33km from the city of Gweru in the Midlands province in Zimbabwe. It enrols students from form 1-6.

Learn more about Lower Gwelo High School here.

Maranatha Adventist High, Bulawayo

Maranatha Adventist High School is located in Bulawayo and was established in 2001. It is a mixed school that takes students from form 1-6.  

Learn more about Maranatha Adventist High School here.

Nemane Adventist High School, Tsholotsho

Nemane Adventist High School is a mixed school producing the best academic results at ‘A’ Level in Tsholotsho District. The school was established in 1984 and it has a history of academic excellence. It is administered by the West Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Get the schools' contact details, pass rate, application forms and uniforms here.

Nyahuni Adventist High School

Nyahuni Adventist High School is a boarding school that was founded in 1985 by the Seventh-day Adventist church in Murewa district under Mashonaland East province. 

Read more about Nyahuni Adventist High School here.

Nyazura Adventist High School

Nyazura Adventist High School is a mission boarding school run by the East Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The mixed school is located in Makoni District of Manicaland province on the 203 km peg along the Harare-Mutare highway.

Learn more about Nyazura Adventist High School including fees, how to apply, pass rate, facilities available, uniforms and contact details here.


Ruya Adventist High School, Mount Darwin

Ruya Adventist was established in 1972 and is a mixed boarding school. Read more about the school here.

Shashane Adventist High School

At Shashane Adventist High School is committed to developing learners, spiritually, mentally, physically and Socially in preparation for production service in this world and the world to come. Contact the school on +263 777 958 800 or visit their Facebook page.



Shashane Adventist High School Uniform
Shashane Adventist High School

Solusi Adventist High School

Solusi Adventist High School is a mixed Christian boarding school, run by the Adventist church with assistance from the government. The school was originally established in 1894 and then reestablished 1981. Read more about the school here.

Waterfalls Adventist High School

This is a young but fast-growing Seventh–Day Adventist Secondary School. The school offers Cambridge syllabus.

The school opened its doors in May 2017 with just 2 learners and 5 teachers but today it has grown beyond that. 

Learn more about Waterfalls Adventist High School here.

Other Adventist High Schools In Zimbabwe

  • Chikwariro Adventist High, Bocha
  • Chinembiri Secondary (Facebook page)
  • Chiwawa High (+263 773 898 858)
  • Gunde Adventist High School (Tel: +263 7774-04265, [email protected])
  • Handina Adventist Secondary School


  • Karirwi Adventist Mission, Bocha
  • Katsenga Secondary (Phone +263 25 833 475)
  • Mauya Secondary school (Cell +263 72 544 871, Facebook Page)
  • Mkhosana Adventist Secondary School (Tel 013 45183, [email protected])
  • Mundondo High School


  • Mukwada Secondary School
  • Ntabamhlophe High School 
  • Sikombingo High School (+263 774 894 899)
  • Tshabanda Secondary School 

Adventist Primary Schools In Zimbabwe

Anderson Adventist Primary School, Gweru

Anderson Adventist Primary is a private boarding Christian school in Gweru that upholds the highest learning standards. Learn all about the school including application procedure, uniforms, contact details and e-learning facilities here. 

Fairview Primary School, Bulawayo

Fairview Adventist primary school is located in Bulawayo. It is one of the top Adventist schools in Zimbabwe. Learn more about the school.

Northwood Adventist Primary School

Northwood Primary is a lovely Adventist School in Mt Pleasant. Children at the school are taught morals and are moulded to be great citizens while getting great academic results.

The school has an English speaking environment. Read more about the school here.


Other Adventist Primary Schools In Zimbabwe & Their Contact Details

  • Bemhiwa Primary School, Bocha
  • Chikwariro Adventist Primary School. Visit the school Facebook page.
  • Chiwawa Primary (+263 773 896 245)
  • Gunde Adventist Primary School, Gweru
  • Handina Adventist Secondary School, Nyazura (+263 772 201 256 Visit the Facebook page)


  • Hanke Mission Primary School (+263 715 664 173)
  • Lower Gwelo Primary School (+263 779 298 582)
  • Lowveld Adventist Primary School (+263 773 110 048 [email protected])
  • Mafuba Primary (+263 775 035 575)
  • Makandire Primary (+263 782 840 806)


  • Mandora SDA Primary School, Mhondoro/Kadoma
  • Maranatha Adventist Primary School, Bulawayo (+263 09 470 283)
  • Marewo Primary School, Bocha
  • Mashapa Primary (+263 773 612 465)
  • Matamba Primary (+263 773 975 368)


  • Mundondo Primary (+263 773 903 247)
  • Mutoranhanga SDA Primary School, Karoi)
  • Mtanki SDA Primary School, Gokwe
  • Nemane Adventist Primary School Tsholotsho
  • Northwood Adventist Primary School


  • Nyazura Adventist Primary School (025 833 474)
  • Ntabamhlophe Primary (+263 771 893 441)
  • Phelandaba Primary School, Bulawayo
  • Runyararo Primary school (+263 772 242 666)
  • Sebanga Primary school (+263 775 931 106)


  • Shashane Adventist Primary School, Kezi
  • Sikombingo Primary school (+263 775 146 463)
  • Solusi Primary School
  • Soluswe Adventist Primary, Tsholotsho
  • Tshabanda Primary School
  • Zhombe SDA Primary School, Gokwe, Bomba Business Centre

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