St Faith’s High School

St Faith's High School

St Faith's High is an Anglican Boarding School located in Rusape. The school was opened in 1966 and it enrols 700-800 pupils with an authorised teaching establishment of 36. The bulk of the students at the school are boys.

St Faith’s today is an established boarding school with vast potential and well-known throughout Zimbabwe for producing successful people in all walks of life and diverse professions.

It is a good school but the infrastructure could be better.

St Faith's High School Pass Rate

The school performs exceptionally well in academics. Below are pass rates attained at the school in recent years.

YEAR                         ‘O’ LEVEL                            ‘A’ LEVEL

2010                            91,85%                                    98,98%

2011                            91,61%                                    100%

2012                            93.92%                                    100%

2013                            92.0%                                      99.0%

2014                            92.86%                                    100%

2015                            96.5%                                     100%


Every year, approximately 95% of its ‘A’ level students gain admission into the various universities and tertiary institutions. This high success rate is attributable to a number of factors among which are:

  • a conducive environment for effective learning
  • a complement of qualified staff
  • availability of educational resources and other success factors.

In 2005, the school received THE SECRETARY’S MERIT AWARD which is a recognition by the Ministry of Education of outstanding developmental success that includes improvements in infrastructure, academic achievement and an innovative approach in implementing educational strategies.

St Faith’s was in 2017 ranked the best performer nationwide with 33 15-pointers and this year the outcome was even superb and represents its best-ever performance in history.

The school continued its strong tradition of academic excellence when it attained its highest-ever examination outcome with 41 students scoring 15 points or better in the November 2018 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Advanced Level examinations.

St Faith's High School Application

There are no St Faith's High School application forms for form one places 2021. The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. This is usually available after the publication of the Grade 7 results.

St Faith's High School Fees

The current 2023 fees for St Faith's High are:

Mission Fund: US$500
Fees: US$610
Total: US$ 1110

St Faith's High School Fees

The school is generally known as affordable. It is engaged in agrarian activities that are also attempts at self-reliance. It is self-sufficient in milk production from its herd of Frieslands and has also a sizeable herd of Brahmas for meat. It is also into piggery, poultry and vegetable production.

A key element of the school's policy is the empowerment of the local parent and the community through buying their produce such as maize, beans, tomatoes, onions, and vegetables in lieu of school fees.

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The school has a bursary fund that assists disadvantaged and marginalized students. Exceptionally gifted students from other schools live in adjacent homes to attend school as day scholars whose fees are more affordable, a development that is highly effective in producing high-quality results from these students.

St Faith's High School Contact Details

Cell: +263 772 809 122, +263 712 809 122

Address: St Faith's High School, Bag 8001, Rusape.

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