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Updated List With Contact Details of Secondary & High Schools In Zimbabwe

Below is a list of the updated contact details of the best secondary and high [...]

St Faith’s High School

St Faith's High School is one of the best-performing academic schools in Zimbabwe. Learn more [...]


St David’s Girls’ High School Bonda

St David's Girls' High School Bonda is located in Mutasa district and it is run [...]


Hartzell High School

Hartzell High is run by the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. The school, which is [...]

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Marist Nyanga High School

Marist brothers Nyanga high school is a top-perfoming boys high school run by the Catholic [...]


Kriste Mambo Secondary School

Kriste Mambo Secondary School is an elite and top-performing girls school in Manicaland. Learn more [...]

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Nyazura Adventist High School

Nyazura Adventist High School is a mission boarding school run by the East Zimbabwe Conference [...]


Monte Cassino High School 

Monte Cassino Girls High school is a top-perfoming school that wass founded in 1902. The [...]


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