Chibi High School

Chibi High School

Chibi High is a mixed boarding school in Masvingo operated by the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. It is one of the best schools in the country both in academic and non-academic disciplines.

In 2015 the school received the secretary’s merit award. The award is given to a school that would have done better than others in the province in the provision of quality education, proper development policy in sports, arts and culture.

The school’s curriculum comprises not only of the arts and humanities but mathematics, and sciences, business, commercial, technical and vocational subjects from form 1 to 6. The school also has a very strong bias towards practical subjects; these include woodwork and agriculture; this affords learners opportunities to choose according to their interests and abilities, thereby equipping them for self-empowerment.

Chibi High School is pro-development and in the last couple of years it has had the following development’s; school weather station, a hostel block, lower six classroom block; Agricultural units with over 300 layers and a Toyota Hilux for the head.

Chibi High has a school library that has many departments which consist of a research centre, study rooms, open shelves and a short loan section. In the research centre, there is a WIFI router and students can go on the internet and do some research.

Chibi High School Pass Rate

The school’s academic performance has been improving steadily over the years.

In 2008 the school’s ‘O’ level results were at 31,78% but rose to 72,5%  in 2011 and as for A-Levels, the graph shot upwards from 70,97% 2008 up to 100% in 2011.

In 2013 the school managed a 78.23% pass rate at O-Level. In 2014 it was the top-ranked school at A-Level in Zimbabwe.

A 68% pass rate at O-Level in 2015 saw the school ranking 73 out of 100.

The 2017 ordinary level examination classes at Chibi High earned a whopping 96 per cent pass rate. Many pupils scored straight A’s in most of the examinations they sat for and the highest pupil had 13 As while 90 pupils managed to obtain at least five As each. A total of 173 pupils passed with five subjects and above, making Chibi High one of the schools with the biggest number of candidates in the province.

In 2018 the school recorded its tenth year of achieving a hundred per cent pass rate in Zimsec Advanced Level exams. That year a total of 15 students scored between 15 and 24 points, while a total of 69 students managed to attain between 10 to 24 points.

At O-Level the school attained a 72.83% pass rate and took position 49 out of 100

Chibi High School Fees

The school is an affordable boarding school however the current school fees for 2021 are not available. If you are aware of these fees let us know in the comments below or email

Chibi High School Application

There are no Chibi High School application forms for form one places 2021. The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform.

This is usually available after the publication of the Grade 7 results. Get instructions on how to apply here.

Chibi High School Uniform

Chibi High School Uniform

Chibi High School Contact Details

Chibi High School
Private Bag 501, Chivi
Tel: +263 773 238 228

6 thoughts on “Chibi High School

  1. Donald Chikudo says:

    I don’t regret being a former student at this world class school. Well done my school. Continue to keep the flag of Zimbabwe high through your excellence.

  2. Alinah Mamorare says:

    I would like my kids to attend school I’m from South Africa can you please send me fees for grade 6 and 8 for 2022

  3. Michelle says:

    I was at Chibi from 2013-2016 and I really enjoyed my time there. The level of discipline of the students is out of this world. My son is definitely going to Chibi

  4. godfrey mutandwa says:

    with what i have read i wish to send my kid for form 1 place in 2022 .may you pliz send what is needed for him to get a place for form 1

  5. Vonisai Madzore says:

    I would like my daughter to attend school form 1 2022 lm in South Africa please may you send me fees list. And how to Apply?

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