Howard High School

Howard High School

Howard High School

Howard High School is a mission school established by the Salvation Army (just like Bradley High) in 1923. The school offers academic and spiritual guidance to both boys and girls from all over Zimbabwe.

The school has approximately 800 students and most of them are boarders. The children share accommodation at 2 per room in modern and clean dorms. The school is very strict on discipline and rogue students will be dismissed. Boys and girls do not mix except in class.

Howard high school is located 84 km from Harare of which 10 km are on a dust road.

Howard High School Pass Rate

Howard Mission is a leading academic school and it regularly features in the top 100 schools in Zimbabwe. In 2013 the school was placed 27 out of 100 best O-Level schools with a pass rate of 83.15%. The school followed this with a 97.33% pass rate at O-Level in 2014.

In 2015, the school had a ranking of 34 out of 100 best O-Level schools with a pass rate of 83.72%. In 2017 the school was placed 86 out of 100 best A-Level schools.

An 83.15% pass rate in 2019 at O-Level saw the school being placed 29 out of 100.

Howard High School Application Procedure

The school believes in retaining parents who have supported it over the years. Current learners are encouraged to personally hand in written application letters on behalf of their siblings. The school expects application letters after mid-year examinations of each year. Prospective applicants with no siblings are also encouraged to apply.
The school usually enrols children with 8 points and below at grade seven. First preference is given to slavationists.
All applications must have been handed in by end of September. Take note of the following requirements when applying to Howard Mission High School:
1. Certified results (copies) of Term 3 grade 6 results, term 1 grade 7 results and mid-year grade 7 results
2. Recommendation letter from the Primary School Head showing the ability of the learner to pay fees timeously
3. Of course, the application letter bearing the applicant's full details- name, address, valid WhatsApp number.
Please note that the school receives more than 5000 online applIcants against just 160 places. Once you have as indicated above the next step is to wait and apply online. The online application is announced and controlled by the Ministry.

The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. This is usually available after the publication of the Grade 7 results.

Applying online is very important. The school will do a preliminary selection of the applications it received physically at the school. The shortlisted applicants would then be selected via the online platform.
Applying online alone will limit your chances of getting a place. You must apply directly first to the school.
The best way to apply is to physically handover the documents directly to the Head's office.
Please do not put unnecessary pressure on your friends or relatives who work at Howard. Simply tell your child to work hard for both school n ZIMSEC exams.

Howard High School Fees

The current 2023 fees for Howard mission are approximately US$350 and a $70 Developmental Levy.  For form ones the fees are around $900 and this includes fees, uniform plus bed.

If you know of the updated fees for Howard high school please share them with us in the comments below or email us at

Howard Mission Uniform

Howard Mission Uniform

Howard High School Contact Details

Tel: +263 410-313-2867

Cell: +263 772 374 852, +263 782 725 025


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