Sandringham High School

Sandringham High School

Sandringham High School

Sandringham High School is a mixed school that offers educational services up to Form 6. The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe owns the school.

The school is located 25 km from the town of Norton and 65 km from Harare. It is a  The school offers a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, netball, athletics and tennis.

The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as public speaking, quiz, debate, chess, and drama. The debate club has managed to get some medals on the national events.

The school offers a comprehensive environment conducive to academic excellence and the school's Christian principles ensure social excellence as well.

Sandringham High School Fees

The current 2023 school fees for Sandringham are as follows:

Description ZWL USD
Boarding & Tuition $323 250.00 $431
SDC Levy $75 000 $100
Total $398 250.00 $531

sandringham high schoool fees 2023

Other payments paid once off are

Desk Levy $45
Laundry $135
HYMN Book, Bible & OT Books $39
School Id $7
Calender $5
Car Fund $45
Uniform $458
Total $769

Sandringham High School Pass Rate

Sandringham features regularly in the top 100 schools in Zimbabwe due to its good pass rates. In 2019 the school was placed 17 out of 100 best O-Level schools with a pass rate of 89.18%.

This was no fluke as the school had been placed 15th in 2013 with a pass rate of 89.18%. In 2015 the school had 82.42% pass rate placing it 39 out of 100.

A-Level results at the school are also impressive with the school attaining a 100% pass rate in 2014. In 2017 the school came out as the fourth-best A-Level school in Zimbabwe.

With a Pass rate of 89.18% at O'level Zimsec results, Sandringham is ranked number 15 in the top 100 Zimbabwe best O'level results as of 2021

Sandringham High School Application

Form 1 application at Sandringham high is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform: this is usually available after the publication of the Grade 7 results. No applications are accepted directly at the school and there is no Sandringham high application 2021 form to download.

Once a place has been offered through EMAP, a registration pack will be sent out detailing all the required procedures and documentation.

Sandringham High School Boarding Facilities

The School's Hostels are divided into Junior & Senior Hostels Thus A'level & O'level Hostels

Room Ratio: 2 A'Level students share one room while for O'Level its 10 Learners per dormitory

Requirements: The school only provides a bed base on which students are required to bring their own mattresses and blankets

Curfew Hours: Lights out is 2200hrs, Students are expected to refrain from unnecessary loitering after hours

Laundry Facilities

The School Offers Optional laundry services where learners can have their Uniforms washed and ironed with the following timetable…

Mondays: School Collects Girl's Uniforms to be washed

Tuesdays: School Collects Boy's Uniforms to be washed

Wednesdays : Learners Collect their Uniforms

Fridays: School Collects Both Boy's & Girls' Uniforms

Sandringham High School Contact Details


P.  Bag  915,  Norton.

School Principal:+263772 629 760
School Head:+263774 303 611
School Reception: +263773 441 330

Tel: (062)3503,  3551(0)  29143
See the school on Google Maps.

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