Which school has the highest pass rate in Zimbabwe in 2019?

Jonh Tallach High School had a 100% pass rate in the November 2019 Zimsec Exams and as such it has the highest pass rate in Zimbabwe.

How much are boarding schools in Zimbabwe?

The boarding fees in Zimbabwe are varied due to a number of factors. On one extreme we have expensive elite boarding schools like Eaglesvale High school and St Georges College which charge well in excess of US$1000 per term.

On the other hand, there are affordable mission and government schools which produce good results like Jonh Tallach high and Chemhanza high school.

You can see other affordable boarding schools here.

Which is the most educated Province in Zimbabwe?

Masvingo claims to be the most educated province in Zimbabwe. It also has some of the top academic schools like Pamushana high and Silveira high.

How many secondary schools are in Zimbabwe?

As of 2018, there were 2 871 secondary schools in Zimbabwe. There were also 6 242 schools with
Education & Childhood Development (ECD) and 6 288 primary schools according to the Annual Education Statistics Report.

How many students are there in Zimbabwe?

As of 2018, Zimbabwe had 4 448 346 students divided as follows;
628 826 learners (females -312 616: males -316 210) enrolled for ECD A and ECD B
2 725 970 primary school learners (females -1 356 828: males -1 369 142)
1 093 550 learners enrolled in secondary schools (Form 1-6), with 996 790 learners enrolled in lower secondary school (Form 1-4) & 96 760 enrolled for upper secondary (Form 5-6). (Annual Education Statistics Report)

Which is the oldest school in Zimbabwe?

Inyathi High School (formerly, Inyathi Secondary School and prior to that Inyathi Mission) is a boarding co-educational secondary school in Inyathi, Zimbabwe. It is the oldest formal educational institution of any kind in Zimbabwe.

How do I apply for boarding school in Zimbabwe?

To apply for a boarding school in Zimbabwe you will need to use the eMap platform. Get step by step instructions here.

How many teachers are in Zimbabwe?

As of 2018 Zimbabwe had 133 758 teachers broken down as follows:
– 15 086 ECD Teachers
-72 512 Primary School teachers
– 46 160 Secondary school teachers (Annual Education Statistics Report)

When was the new curriculum introduced in Zimbabwe?

The new curriculum came into effect in January 2017

What is the new curriculum in Zimbabwe?

It is a new competence-based curriculum framework that was developed to enhance the quality of education in Zimbabwe. Work on the new curriculum commenced in 2014 and was finalised in 2015 and its phased implementation started in 2017.