Moleli High School

Moleli High School

Moleli High School is a mixed boarding school that is run by the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.  It offers O’ and A’ levels and it was established in 1962.

Moleli has a student population of about 620 pupils and is considered one of Zimbabwe’s top-performing high schools. It is a sister school to Sandringham High School and they share sibling rivalry.

The school motto is “Tsvakai Chokwadi Kuyamura Vamwe” is Shona meaning “seek the truth to help others”.

In addition to academic learning, students participate in sports (including soccer, volleyball, basketball, table tennis), chess and debating. In the seventies, it was one of the only three African schools which played softball together with St. Ignatius and Kutama College.

Like most high schools in Zimbabwe, which follow the traditional British school system, students at Moleli are divided into four houses each having its own colour: Mamukwa (blue), Sellers (green), Rusike (red), and White (yellow).

Moleli High School Fees

The current 2021 fees for Moleli High are not available. However, Moleli is considered as one of the affordable boarding schools. In 2012 the school was charging US$512 per term. This was roughly equivalent to a month’s salary for a teacher.

Moleli High School Pass Rate

Moleli performs well and is regularly featured as one of the country’s top 100 best schools. In 2019 it was placed 13 out of 100 best O-Level schools with a pass rate of 92.3%. This was the same pass rate that the school had attained in 2013.

At A-Level the school had a 93.33% pass rate in 2014. In 2015 the school claimed 15th position in the top 100 O-Level schools with a 91.78% pass rate.

Moleli High School Application

There are no Molelii High School application forms for form one places 2021. The enrolment is done through the Ministry of Education’s EMAP platform. This is usually available after publication of the Grade 7 results.

No applications are accepted directly at the school for the 2021 intake

Moleli High School Contact Details


Moleli  High  School  P.  Bag  972,
Norton.  Tel:  (062-­‐8)  44290,  44541,  44549
Cell:   0712  763  262


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  1. Celestino Dzingirai says:

    Moleli is one of my Best school, I like the discipline that they teach to their Students 👍👍👍

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