How To Become A Nurse Aide In Zimbabwe

nurse-aides in Zimbabwe

Nurse Aides have increased in popularity in the last couple of months in Zimbabwe. A lot of young people in Zimbabwe have taken this course and migrated to the UK which has had a shortage of care staff post-covid19 pandemic.

This post will break down all you need to know to become a nurse aide in Zimbabwe in 2023


A nurse aide is a trained person who takes care of the sick. In hospitals, private surgeries as well as dental practices a nurse aide is one who assists doctors and nurses in taking care of the patient. A nurse aide can also be referred to as a caregiver.

How Do You Become A Nurse Aide

Being a nurse aide involves dealing with the vulnerable and sick members of society, thus you need to be someone with a passion for helping others before you start on this journey. If you are just doing it for the money you will face challenges as you may not have the patience that this type of career demands.


Choosing A Nurse Aide Training Center In Zimbabwe


There are a number of different institutions offering nurse aide training in Zimbabwe. You have to be careful as you choose the institution you want since some of them are bogus.

Training centres differ depending on location, size, mode of learning (learning materials and equipment available) and the chances for getting a job quickly after training (exposure).

These institutions also have different charges, bear that in mind as you choose the one you want.

After choosing the institution you apply and get enrolled. You will start your training with the theory section where your teacher will walk you through the introductory aspects of the course. The theory part takes from weeks to months depending on the institution.

Some centres require you to learn for 3 weeks depending on the module, others require you to be in class for six weeks.

With technology now, some institutions have moved to online teaching, where you get enrolled and have your learning materials while you are at home. You will write an examination at the end of the training.

After the theory section, you will then be required to go for a clinical attachment. The training centre will provide an attachment place but if you have somewhere you wish to go you are also allowed.
Attachments are done at hospitals, clinics, and homes. You will spend three months doing practical attachment.

Graduation is the last process. After completing your attachment and the sister-in-charge recommends that you now qualify to work with patients, you then graduate and get your certificate from your training centre.

You can then start looking for employment.

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What Are The Requirements Of Becoming A Nurse Aide In Zimbabwe?

  • national identity card
  • ability to read and write
  • at least 16 years of age

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Where Can You Work As A Nurse Aide?

  • Hospitals-  (private hospitals e.g Avenues, Trauma Centre, government hospitals e.g Parirenyatwa, Harare Hospital)
  • Clinics- ( private clinics, council/City clinics)
  • Homes- Old people’s homes, homes for the disabled, children’s homes
  • Personal homes – You can work at an individual’s home taking care of home-based care patients, and palliative care patients.
  • Private Surgeries- You can work at doctor’s surgeries/rooms


Jobs are always available. Some training centres may even offer you a job. You can also look for opportunities to go to the UK as nurse aide.

Do's & Dont's Of Nurse Aides


  • Bed bath.
  • Up-assisted bath.
  • Bed making.
  • Damp dusting.
  • Offering bedpans and urinals.
  • Feeding of patients.
  • Catheter care.
  • Wound care.
  • Monitor intake of medication.


  • Give injections.
  • Prescribe medications.
  • Perform an operation.

If you want to become a nurse you can check out these nursing schools in Zimbabwe.

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