Maranatha Adventist High, Bulawayo

Maranatha Adventist High, Bulawayo

Maranatha Adventist High School is located in Bulawayo and was established in 2001. It is a mixed school that takes students from form 1-6. It is run by the West conference of the Adventist church.

Maranatha Adventist High Pass Rate

The school performs very well in public exams. In 2014 the school attained a 92,5 per cent pass rate in the A-Level exams while a 61.94% pass rate was attained in the 2015 O-Level exams. In November 2013 O-Level exams the school scored a 69.86% pass rate.

The school was part of the top 100 best O-Level schools in 2019 with a 69.86 pass rate

Maranatha Adventist High Uniform

Maranatha Adventist High

Maranatha Adventist High Contact Details

Telephone: 263-2471-928


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  1. Sithandazile A Mabhena says:

    Hello I am looking for a Form 1 place at your school Maranatha Adventist High School.

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