Sodbury High School

Sodbury High School lies on a Farm that is 56km from Harare. At the 42km peg along the Harare Chirundu road, you turn left along Darwendale Road. After driving for 10km you'll see direction signs.

The mixed school opened its doors in 1974 primarily to cater for Farm children who had difficulty accessing post-Primary Education. Upon Independence in 1980, demand for Secondary Education escalated and the institution accepted those whose education had been affected by the Liberation Struggle.

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Sodbury high is a Non-Denominational Christian boarding School. A Church Service is done on  Sunday Evenings by a Guest Speaker or Teacher on Duty. 

The school has 2 x 35 Pupil Classes in each stream.

Academics Offered At Sodbury High School

SUBJECTS Offered :


Accounts, Agriculture, Business & Enterprise Skills, Combined Science, Computer Science, English, Geography, Mathematics, Physical Education, Shona

O Level –

Pupils will be placed in an Arts or Commercials and (optional additional Sciences) class i.e. according to subject strength. There are however compulsory subjects to be taken by all. Compulsory – , Agriculture,
English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Combined Science, Computer Science, Shona, Heritage Studies Arts – History, Sociology, Family & Religious Studies Commercials – Accounting, Business Studies & Economics

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A Level – Like Os but there are no Sciences. Sports Management is offered for Commercials.

Sodbury High School Fees

Administration & Enrollment Levy's

Administration $100
Development Levy $150
NB. Admin Levy is Non Refundable Siblings are exempted from paying Admin Fees!

Tuition $100
Boarding $400
Development $20
Total $520

Sodbury High School Uniforms

Hat 10
Blazer 45
Tie 5
Jersey 30
Tracksuit 45
Casual Kit 35
Sports Kit 20
Sports Bag 25
Book Bag 25
House Shirt 10
Total 260

Long Sleeved White Shirt X 1
Grey Trouser X1
Plain grey skirt X1
Grey Stockings X2
Maroon stockings X2
White Stockings X1
Black lace-up shoes X1
White Knee High Sports Stockings X1
Navy Blue Denim Jeans (Non ripped) Grey Dresses/Sets

Sodbury High School Boarding Requirements

Pupils stay in Dormitories by Form and by House. Lockers are provided. No Suitcases or Trunks are Allowed. Clothes Must be clearly labelled in embroidery. No cellphones except for A Levels.

There are 3 meals served daily from our dining hall. Pupils are allowed to bring their tuck and the Tuck Shop is available.

Buses ferry pupils from Harare, Chegutu and Chinhoyi when Schools open, close and on Fixture Free Weekends.

Pupils To Bring
Foam Rubber mattress (75 cm Width)
Bed sheets X2 pairs
Duvet Inner Duvet covers X2
Small blanket X1
20 liter bucket

Cutlery (Knife, Fork & Spoon)
Crockery (Plate, Bowl & Mug)
Sport Tackies
Studded Boots
Locks X2

12 X 2 Quire Counter
Books24 X 32 Page exercise books
Plastic covers (no khaki covers)
Ruler Ballpoint Pens
Pencils Math Set
Ledger, Journal, Cash & Graph Books

Sodbury High School Pass Rate

sodbury school pass rate

Sodbury High School Co-Curricular Activities

The School has a very rich history of excellence in various Co-Curricular events.
Our pupils and coaches are regularly selected for various National Team Assignments.

Beauty & Fashion, Media, Environment, Interact, Farmers, Performing Art Visual Arts, Mining, Mechanics

Drum Majorettes, Choir, Music, Traditional Dance, Quiz, Drama, Public Speaking, Debating

Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Cross, Country, Darts, Draughts, Football, Handball, Kickball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball

Sodbury High School Contact Details

Cell: +263 773 797 090/ +263 773 700 364
Facebook: Sodbury School

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