Provisional Driving Test ๐Ÿš— (Questions & Sample Answers 2024) Zimbabwe Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts designed to help you get your driver's licence in Zimbabwe. Find links to the other posts at the bottom of the page.ย ย These questions are from a provisional driving test questions pdf Zimbabwe 2023.

Remember to verify them with a certified instructor from a registered driving school.


Question 51. What vehicles must you give way to at a junction of equal importance?
All vehicles approaching from your right and traffic already at the junction.


Question 52. Name some signs and road markings that would prohibit you from parking?
No parking signs, clearway signs, bus lane signs, yellow lines or continuous double white lines in the centre of the road.


Question 53. When is particularly dangerous to park on the road at night?
In heavy fog or in badly lit areas.


Question 54. What lights should you have on in fog?
Dipped headlights & fog lights on rear if fitted.


Question 55. What must you make sure of before starting a reverse?
That you have a clear view and that no pedestrians, especially children, are crossing behind you.
Look out for cyclists.


Question 56. How do you approach and take the third exit off an ordinary four-road roundabout?
You must check your rear and right mirrors signal right and manoeuvre right (just left of centre) on approach. Maintain your signal until you reach the exit before the one you want to take, then you must check your rear & left mirror and change your signal to the left, manoeuvre left and exit.


Question 57. How should you take the 2nd exit off a roundabout?
You must check your mirrors, drive-in on the left-hand side, no signal until you pass the first exit, check your mirrors, then signal left and exit.


Question 58. What must you remember before you overtake?
You must have a clear view ahead and then use the โ€œmirror, signal, mirrorโ€ manoeuvre technique.



Question 59. What do you do on approaching a junction to turn left/right if there are pedestrians already crossing?
Slow down allow them to cross, stop if necessary.


Question 60. What is a bus lane?
It is for the exclusive use of buses, taxis and cyclists within the specified times.


Question 61. At a road junction, where must you stop?
You must stop at or before the stop line.


Question 62. What should you not do when you are being overtaken?
Accelerate or move to the right.

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Question 63. What position should you adopt when turning right?
Just left of the centre line of the road, except in cases of emergency.


Question 64. What is the meaning of a single white line in the centre of the road?
It divides the road and should not be crossed except in exceptional circumstances e.g. an accident, road works, parked cars, cyclists or other obstructions.


Question 65. Should you beckon pedestrians across a crossing?
You should not beckon pedestrians or other road users, as other vehicles may be approaching, they must make the decision for themselves.


Question 66. What sign prohibits you from entering a one-way street?
A round sign, white within a red circle, and arrow with a slash through it.


Question 67. What is recommended when carrying a child?
Child restraints and car seats.



Question 68. What is the difference between a single yellow line and a double yellow line?
Single yellow line โ€“ parking at certain times is allowed, read the signposts.
Double yellow line โ€“ No parking at any time.


Question 69. What are the rules for giving hand signals?
Clearly and in good time, and for long enough to be understood.


Question 70. If you are asked by a Police officer to produce your driving licence and you donโ€™t have it with you, what is your position by law?
You are required to carry your licence while driving but you have 10 days to produce your licence at a Police Station of your choice.

Question 71. What should you not do after overtaking?
Cut in, slow down or stop.


Question 72. Name some things you should never do on a highway.
Enter a highway as a learner driver, exceed the speed limit, reverse, stop, walk on a highway


Question 73. When should you dip your headlights?
When meeting oncoming traffic, in built-up areas, in fog or falling snow, when following close behind another vehicle, at the beginning and end of lighting-up hours, in heavy rain and on dull days.


Question 74. Immediately after parking, what instrument should be operated first?

Your hand brake.


Question 75. When driving on country roads, what should you pay particular attention to?
Wandering animals, farm machinery, concealed entrances and persons herding animals.


Question 76. What legal requirements must you have before going to drive a vehicle?
Valid licence, valid tax and insurance and a roadworthy vehicle.



Question 77. When may you drive on the right-hand side?
In a one-way street.


Question 78. What is meant by the word โ€œAquaplaningโ€?
When bald or worn-out tyres canโ€™t cope with the build-up of water underneath them. This leads to loss of control of your vehicle.

Question 79. What type of road should you never reverse into?
A major road or a one-way street.


Question 80. Where would you see a triangle painted on the road?
On approach to junctions, roundabouts and yield signs.

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