Provisional Driving Test 🚘 (Questions & Sample Answers 2024) Zimbabwe Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts designed to help you get your driver's licence in Zimbabwe. Find links to the other posts at the bottom of the page.Β Β These questions are from a provisional driving test questions pdf Zimbabwe 2023.

Remember to verify them with a certified instructor from a registered driving school.


Question 26. What side of the road should your passengers alight from, especially children?
Pavement side.


Question 27. If a blind person were crossing the road, how would you know that he/she was blind?
There would be two reflective bands on his/her white stick or guide dog.


Question 28. When may you overtake on the left?
– When the driver in front of you has signalled his intention to turn right and you have room to do so.
– In slow-moving traffic where the left-hand lane is moving quicker than the right-hand lane.
– When you are turning left.
– On a one-way street.


Question 29. What should you do before doing any type of manoeuvre?
Check the mirror, give appropriate signals and check blind spots.


Question 30. What do Zig-Zag lines mean on approach to a Zebra crossing?
No overtaking, no parking, no stopping (except for traffic reasons).


Question 31. Give some examples where you should be β€œmore” aware of pedestrians.
– Corners
– traffic lights
– junctions
– bus stops
– when overtaking parked cars or trucks
– around ice cream vans
– near schools.


Question 32. If you were driving along the road and felt drowsy, what should you do?
Pull over, stop and open your window. (DO NOT DRIVE WHEN DROWSY)


Question 33. At a pelican crossing what does a flashing amber light mean?
Proceed with caution if no pedestrian is crossing.


Question 34. When should you use your lights during daylight hours?
During poor visibility, falling snow, fog or rain.


Question 35. What is the minimum legal tread depth on a tyre?


Question 36. How many types of pedestrian crossing are there?
Two, controlled (pedestrian traffic lights) and uncontrolled (flashing amber beacons).


Question 37. How would you describe an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing?
Flashing beacons and black & white road markings with zig-zag lines.


Question 38. What is a controlled pedestrian crossing?
Pedestrian traffic lights.


Question 39. What signs would you expect to see approaching a major road?
Warning sign – major road ahead – regulatory sign: yield or stop.


Question 40. What markings are you likely to find at traffic lights?
Stop line – two pedestrian lines – two yellow lines – continuous white line – yellow box – directional arrows.

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Question 41. What road markings would you expect to see prohibiting you from entering a one-way street?
A continuous white line painted across the entrance of the road, backed by a broken white line, also a NO ENTRY sign.


Question 42. What are chevrons?
They are directional arrows to indicate deviation ahead, bad bends etc. You must follow the arrows.


Question 43. Why is a stop sign or a yield sign so shaped?
If defaced or covered in any way, the driver recognises the shape.




Question 44. On your driving test, while doing your turnabout, must the manoeuvre be completed in three movements?
No, it can be done in 3, 5 or 7 movements. The less the better. Most cars can do it in three depending on the size of the road and car.


Question 45. How many types of road signs are there?
Three: Informative (information signs), warning (black diamond shape) and regulatory (round).



Question 46. Where would parking obscure the view of others?
At junctions, on a bend or brow of a hill, on the approach side of a zebra crossing.


Question 47. What is the minimum insurance on a vehicle?

Question 48. Name some conditions that you would need to increase your braking distance.
Rain (road wet after a dry spell), ice, snow, fallen leaves, loose chippings, worn tyres.


Question 49. What is the significance if the driver flashes his/her lights at you?
Take note of his/her presence.


Question 50. What is the national speed limit?
Ans. 80kph (120kph on a highway)


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