Nala Feminist Collective Contest 2021 For Young African Creatives ($800 Cash Prize)

Nala Feminist Collective Contest 2021

Application Deadline  For The Nala Feminist Collective Contest 2021: May 10th 2021

Are you an African woman writer, photographer, creator, artist or with an interest to raise your voice?  We want to hear from you about which of the 10 Demands speaks to you.

This creative contest invites African women to reflect on the Demands of the Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto by submitting a photo, a drawing, or a short video accompanied with a maximum of 500 words describing or narrating your story or the reality in your community after choosing one of the 10 Manifesto Demands in response to the following prompts:

“How does the Demand you’ve chosen speak to you, or your community? We would like to hear about your experiences, your realities, and why the demands matter to you and why it should matter for decision-makers to act on them. Be creative. We want to hear your voice and see through your lens.

Be authentic and don’t be afraid to express yourself. The submissions will be reviewed by the Nala Council. The top 20 creative submissions will be shortlisted for voting. Voting will begin on May 12 and end on May 25th.


  • Any  woman of African descent under the age of 40 
  • Must understand and sign the 10 Manifesto Demands

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Submission Guidelines for the Nala Feminist Collective Contest 2021

  • Your first step is to familiarize yourself with the manifesto: Read the 10 demands.
  • Choose one of the demands and tell us why this demand matters to you: why does it speak to your personal story or your community?
  • Submit your application using this form
  • Please note that submissions can only be accepted in English or French
  • No submission will be accepted after the deadline May 10th  2021, before 11:59 PM GMT 

NOTE: (All submissions must not have previously been submitted in any competition or contents must be original)


  • Winner: $ 500
  • First Runner-up: $ 200
  • Second Runner-up:  $ 100

Winner announcements will take place in June during the Paris Generation Equality Forum. 

What Can You Submit For The Nala Feminist Collective Contest 2021?

  • A photograph or a graphic, drawing, painting A video – no longer than 90 seconds.
  • All submissions must be accompanied with not more than 500 words describing or narrating the story

The Nala Council will review your submissions. 50 chosen creative pieces will be published on the Nala website. The top 20 best submissions will be shortlisted for voting through Nala’s digital platform between 12 – 25 May 2021.  This ensures a transparent and straightforward voting process, as well as providing you with a wide reach. 

About the AYWB25 Manifesto 

The Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto is a groundbreaking feminist political document that sets out critical issues of concern for young women of Africa and makes demands for addressing them. The Manifesto is the result of five Regional Barazas that convened over 1500 young people from across 44 African countries and over 30 partners from October 12 to October 30, 2020.

The Manifesto articulates the concerns of young women to secure a clear and unreserved commitment by the Generation Equality Forum and Action Coalitions Leadership, which blueprint will inform policies, institutional processes and intersectional programmes and measures. These demands will ensure that girls and young women are able to participate actively, equally and effectively at all levels of social, educational, economic, political, cultural, civic life and leadership as well as scientific endeavours.

About the Nala Feminist Collective 

The Nala Feminist Collective is a Pan-African group of 17 feminists with a mission to foster, enable and mobilize young women from Africa and Diaspora while bridging the gap between policy and implementation, intergovernmental and grassroots as well as generational spaces. Our work is guided by the African Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto targeting the political, digital and offline spaces.


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