Hatfield Girls High

Hatfield Girls High

Hatfield girls high is an urban day school in Harare. The school is in the Mbare-Hatfield district which has 8 other high schools. Other girls school’s in the district include Queen Elizabeth and Girls High.

Hatfield Girls High Pass Rate

We only managed to get access to A’ Level pas rates from the school from 2015-2018. Below is the breakdown of the yearly pass rates and the school’s position in the district.

Hatfield Girls High

In 2015 Hatfield Girls had a pass rate of 85.19% and was placed 4th in the district. A year in 2016 later the school improved its pass rate to 94.7% and it took the 3rd position.

2017 saw the school’s pass rate dropped slightly to 92.7% but its overall position in the distracted improved to second just behind Harare high that had 93.92%.

The school was again placed second in the district with an impressive A’ Level pass rate of 96.1%.

You can see the further analysis of pass rates for schools in the district here.

Below is an analysis of the school’s 2019 A’Level results.

Hatfield Girls High 2019 A'Level Pass rate analysis
Hatfield Girls High 2019 A’Level Pass rate analysis


Hatfield Girls High Contact Details

Email: hatfieldgirlshigh@gmail.com

See the School on Facebook.

It is difficult to get information about this school online. If you have the latest information please let us know in the comments below or email us at learn@openclass.co.zw

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