Chisipite Junior School

Chisipite Junior School

Chisipite Junior School 

Chisipite  Junior is a leading girls’ school characterised by high academic standards and a caring atmosphere.  It is the junior school of Chisipite Senior.  Class sizes are limited, and apart from the classroom teachers, the school is staffed with specialists in art, computers, Shona, sport, music and remediation. The overall pupil to staff ratio is 20:1, and this allows a variety of activities and interest to be actively pursued.

Chisipite Junior school offers a rich cultural life, with art and music being regarded as especially important. The educational equipment includes the most modern interactive boards, with internet available in the classrooms.  A glance at the sports facilities offered, including two pools with diving facilities and five hard courts, shows the importance given to sporting activities.

The school has a pre-school which cater for children the year before they start Grade One.

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Chisipite Junior School Application & Enrollment Requirements

Entry in Grade 1 is determined by established criteria, which at present include neither testing nor interviews.

Applications are accepted from birth, and preference may be given to:

A – Siblings of current or past pupils if their family is in good financial standing with the school

B – Daughters of Old Girls of the Junior School.  This does not include aunts or cousins.

C – Date of application

You are advised to apply as early as possible.  Before accepting the offer, parents should satisfy themselves that their daughter is ready for school and able to cope in a formal class situation.  You should also familiarise yourself with the fee structure.

Registration forms can be filled in at the office or downloaded below and then physically handed in to the School Secretary together with sight of the ORIGINAL birth certificate plus two copies for our records.  A small registration is charged, contact the office for the current fee.

Download the application form for Chisipite Junior Grade 0 here 

Download the application form for Chisipite Junior Grade 1-7 here 

In approximately April, the year before starting ECD (Early Childhood Development) or Grade 1 parents will be informed if their daughter has been accepted.

An Acceptance Fee which is not-refundable is then required by a date stipulated in the Acceptance of Entry letter attached to the form that needs to be signed by the parent and countersigned by the Headmaster.

Should your daughter not get a place at Grade 1 level her application will automatically go into Grade 2 for the following year and so on.  You DO NOT need to re-register.

Chisipite Junior School Fees

Chispite Junior is an elite school just like its sister school Chisipite Senior. as a result, you can expect its school fees to be high. The current 2020-2021 school fees are not currently available but the last known fees were pegged at US$ 1 750 per term.

Chisipite Junior School Uniform

Below are the uniform requirements for the school.

Chisipite Junior Uniform

The official stockists for Chisipite Junior uniforms are Enbee Stores in Borrowdale Village and Glen Abbey in Arundel Village, Mount Pleasant. You can also download the uniform list here.

Chisipite Junior School Contact Details

20 St. Aubin’s Walk

Phone: (+263) 024 2495950 / 024 2490881
Email[email protected]

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