A-Level Geography Notes

Get the Best AS and A-Level Geography Notes, Revision Guides and Tips compiled from all around the world at one place for your convenience so you can prepare for tests and exams with ease.

About Geography (9696):

The Geography syllabus builds upon skills gained at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level study. Learners widen their knowledge and understanding of the subject while developing their investigative abilities and their evaluation and decision-making skills.

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The syllabus is wide-ranging and comprises a variety of options. For example, learners can study topics such as hydrology and fluvial geomorphology, atmosphere and weather, rocks and weathering, population change and settlement dynamics.

The syllabus considers a range of environments, from tropical to arid, and learners can also study subjects such as environmental management, global interdependence and economic transition.

A-Level Geography Notes List

Agriculture in LEDCs
Agriculture in MEDCs
Common Agricultural Policy
Development Processes
Globalization – Role of Supranational Bodies
Tropical Cyclones in MEDCs & LEDCs

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