Provisional Driving Test (Questions & Sample Answers 2022) Zimbabwe

1)  When approaching this sign I am expected to:

provisional driving questions

Engage lower gears

2) What are the colours of a private vehicle registration plate?

Black on yellow background

3) What must you do when under the influence of drugs and alcohol?

Stay off the road

4)  On which side of the road must you overtake an animal-drawn wagon?

Whichever side is safe to do so.

5) When you are temporarily parked by the side of the road at night, you are to leave…?

Your tail lights and side lights on

6) Clutch is used to

Avoid noise when changing gears

7) Weight restriction is usually associated with


8) What must be avoided when raining?

Driving at high speeds

9) You may drive without a seatbelt when..

Reversing only

10) Diverging lanes mean

One lane becoming two

11) The hooter is used..

When there are animals on the middle of road

12) A broken yellow line

May be straddled to overtake cars turning right

13) How far from the corner are you forbidden to park?

7.5 meters

14) A red light with a green arrow pointing straight ahead means

You may proceed straight ahead

15) A vehicle may tow..

A vehicle of any size if it is able to do so

16) When you see a rabbit crossing the road

Reduce speed and stop if necessary

17) We use heavy gears when

Going uphill

18) When approaching an animal-drawn wagon

You slow down and overtake when it is safe to do so

19) If involved in a car accident you

Report to the police within 24 hours

20) Under which circumstances should I proceed against a red robot?

When the green arrow is illuminated

21)  Vehicle pre-driving checks include

Checking if rear view mirrors are working properly

22) What shape and colour is a warning sign?
Diamond Shape – Yellow and Black

23) What shape is the sign that regulates?
Regulatory signs are round with red on white background with the exception of two: Stop and Yield.

24) What should a broken white line mean to you?
A broken white line divides the centre of the road and should only be crossed if it is safe or necessary.

25) What is the rule on entering a roundabout?
Give way to traffic on your immediate right.

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